Seven Food Habits to Keep You Healthy Without Dieting

A study in the peer-reviewed journal American Psychologist and found that short-term dieting doesn’t result in improvements in weight or overall health for the majority of people. In addition, it has been discovered in research studies that diets for healthy people, if used to maintain health could be detrimental.

Bright Side recommends lifestyle changes which include changing your diet, in addition to how you can remain strong and healthy.

01 Take your time eating and chewing well

A study revealed that those who eat a lot, gain weight more quickly than those who eat more slowly. By eating slowly and chewing with care, you can make you feel fuller even after you’ve eaten less. To get to eat slowly, you’ll begin by calculating the percentage of time you chew your food, and then gradually increase the count in case you’re concerned that you’re insufficiently chewing.

02 Drink water frequently

DWater is essential to stay healthy. Drinking water prior to eating helps to lower your weight because it makes you feel fuller, which means you don’t take in too many calories. The study revealed that those who drank half a Liter of water half an hour before eating ate more than those who didn’t. The study, which lasted over 12 weeks concluded that the test subjects who consumed water before eating shed 44% more weight than those who did not.

03 Place unhealthy food items on red plates

This might sound strange, but an experiment found that folks drank less from red-colored cups and ate less from red-colored plates compared to once they were served an equivalent thing on blue-colIt might sound odd however, an experiment showed that people drank less from red-colored cups, and consumed less food on plates with red hues compared to when they were served the same food item served in blue-colored cups or plates. One possible reason might be that we interpret the red color as a subtle signal for a stop.

04 Avoid sugary drinks

Added sugar is that the biggest culprit for a variety of health-related problems starting from diabetes and obesity to heart conditions. Drinking only one can of soda, which contains about 52 g of sugar, will cause you to exceed the rSugar that is added is the main cause of various health issues beginning from obesity and diabetes to heart problems. Consuming just one can of soda, with around 52 grams of sugar, can result in you exceeding the daily recommended sugar intake which is 37.5 grams for males or 25 grams in the case of women. Instead, you should drink healthier drinks such as coffee, tea, or freshly squeezed fruits.

05 Eat your meal without distractions

Paying attention to eating without being Being attentive to your food choices without being distracted by TV or playing games will lead you to eat less food and consume fewer calories. You’ll also be more aware of eating healthy foods when you’re not distracted by your surroundings. A review of 24 studies revealed that those who were distracted during meals were able to eat 10% more sitting.

06 Eat 2 eggs a day

A study that was published in the Journal International of Obesity discovered that if for breakfast, you combine a calorie-reduced weight loss diet that is low in calories with eggs, it could increase your chances of losing weight, compared to having toast as breakfast. This is typically due to the high amount of protein in eggs preventing your body from feeling hungry for a long duration of time.

07 Eat breakfast every day

In the rush of the morning often, we’ll skip breakfast or eat less. This can be harmful to general health. Breakfast will not only give you the energy you need to get started on your day, but it also reduces the risk of developing overweight, developing diabetes, and developing a heart problem. Research has proven that eating breakfast can aid in weight loss. in actual fact, over 75% of those who have lost 12+ kg consume breakfast each and every day.

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