The muscle-up can be described as an intermediate level exercise, but in calisthenics, it’s a key exercise that can lead to more challenging and more difficult exercises, such as the exercise of the 360-degree muscle, the up jump over the bar, the muscle to jump up over the bar …etc.

The muscles up are a specialized training exercise that requires skill and strength, unlike other exercises such as the push-up or pull-up.

Muscle-ups require muscles that are integrated to cooperate, and muscles from both anterior and posterior muscle training work in specific timing for each rep.

A lot of people are unable to do it after trying for a long time, even though they’ve gained the right muscle strength for their lats chest, biceps, and triceps muscles from doing lots of dips and pull-ups. The reason for this is likely to be due to the lack of the proper muscle chains and movements needed to perform the muscle-up. If you’ve ever seen an exercise that is a muscle-up, it’s likely to be a mix of a pull-up, followed by straight dips in the bar. While these two exercises will aid in building the strength needed for the first time you do a muscle-up, however, there are many unknown components that are required to achieve your first one or even enhance your muscle to a point where you’re not utilizing any energy, only pushing yourself straight up. In breaking down your muscle there are four primary elements: the strength of your pull, pushing strength, grip strength, and fundamental strength. If you’ve got strong pulling strength, then starting the muscle-up will be simple. If you’ve got strong pushing strength, then the high point of muscle will be simple. If you’ve got an incredibly strong core and solid grip, that’s going to make everything else be much easier throughout the duration of the workout.

There’s no need to strain to hold onto your body while performing the muscle-up or be drained of energy if you’ve got an excellent grip. Strong core muscles going to strengthen your muscles chain and ensure that you’re on the right method of movement. Make sure that every move feels solid from bottom to top.

Let’s get started and find out how you can start your training in order to get that first big muscle. Your first priority should be increasing your strength so that you can meet the necessary requirements for starting building muscle.

The minimum requirements that you need to be able to

  • (15 +) Pull-ups that are in good form.
  • (20 +) Push-ups that are in good form.
  • (15 +) dips.
  • (10 +) straight bar dips that have good form.

If you’re able to pass the above, you’re set to begin. If you’re unable to meet the requirements Don’t fret and we’ll help you with a routine to build your muscle endurance to accomplish more and help you become competent to perform exercises that build muscles in the shortest time using exercises that replicate the movement of muscles up as well as muscle groups and techniques to create the perfect exercise.

Let’s get started with the exercises, which will be divided into two exercises.

Routine 01

exercise 01: Weighted pull ups

Weighted pull-ups can significantly boost the strength of your pull as much as your strong muscles. After you have removed the extra weight and you’ll be able to pull significantly higher, and also much easier since you’re much stronger in pulling. ( 6- 8 reps)

NOTE: don’t go too either too heavy or light using a weight that could be challenging at the same time lets you complete the repetitions.

exercise 02: explosive pull-ups

The explosive pull-ups are extremely efficient and work similarly to pull-ups that are weighted. You’ll require the strength and explosiveness to push yourself to the peak of your muscle, doing a lot of explosive pull-ups will allow you to lift higher by increasing your explosive strength. It will also make the average pull-up feel more natural too.

exercise 03: Australian pull-ups

When we’re doing Australian pull-ups instead of pulling from the top down instead, we’ll be pulling from behind of us directly towards our chests. Also, when doing Australian pull-ups in a similar posture and striving to maintain the bar at the shortest distance it is possible at the top of each repetition, which is why this is a great method to build your muscles.

You want to ensure that you have your chest line. Come down up to your chest, then return to your chest. When you reach your chest, make sure you keep it tight and close on your chest. This is the most important thing to do in the exercise. To your chest.

exercise 04: negative muscle-ups

start all the way at the top of a muscle-up, you’re gonna come all the way down, nice and controlled, so your chest is to the bar. And you’re gonna keep your chest tight to the bar as you transition you’ll lean back, put your head back, the pushing will turn into a pulling and you control all the way down. So that’s the most important part of the negative muscle up. 

Note:  doing the negative movement of an exercise that you can’t yet perform is always gonna eventually give you that exercise. And you’re also getting used to the overload and building the strength for it before you can even do it. And by the time you’ve developed the strength to control the negative movement, you’re definitely gonna be able to do the concentric portion of the exercise.

You wanna repeat this routine (3-4) times. And once you finish pulling, we’re ready to start round two, emphasizing our pushing. 

Routine 02

exercise 01: weighted straight bar dips.

straight bar dips are the main pushing movement in a muscle-up. So if you have a really strong straight bar dip, then that portion of the muscle up really is gonna be effortless. So we wanna put on the weight and get really strong at our straight bar dips.

exercise 02: explosive straight bar dips

for the same reason, we were doing explosive pull-ups. Now, remember when doing the explosive straight bar dips, you can either push off and let it go or just push hard (still holding on). You should try both, mix it up. If it’s your first time, definitely don’t open your hands. Just push as hard as you can

exercise 03: jumping muscle ups

we gonna need an elevated surface for assistance. So you wanna get something that you can stand on, go to a pull up bar, and jump. So you wanna use your legs, use your arms at the same time. Lean over the bar, push, come back down. This is gonna get you used to go into a muscle up position, get you over the fear of being over the bar, and of course get you better and stronger at the transition of the muscle up. You’re gonna notice as you jump into your muscle up, you’re gonna turn from pulling, keep the bar close to your chest, turning into a pushing as you lean over the bar. Now when you first start this, you may do it with a lot of jumps, using a lot of legs. But eventually, you’re gonna get stronger, you’re gonna be able to use less legs, more pulling strength. Core tight, legs straight, perfect form.

You wanna repeat this routine also (3-4) times.

We take you through the steps to execute the muscle up, but you don’t wanna attempt trying to do the muscle up until you develop the proper foundation and strength using this workout routine. You’re gonna see once you develop the proper foundation, you’re gonna be able to do a muscle up right after applying what you’ve learned.

So use this article to build your strength and foundation for the muscle up.

Best of luck everyonce.

Muscle Up Tutorial

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