About us

We’re close friends (brothers) We established Phonics in the year 2018. Our love of Calisthenics began at the end of 2015, and we’re from various fitness industries, however, currently, we’re focusing on calisthenics. it’s a fun and challenging sport.

In the initial year, we learned a lot about the sport of Calisthenics. After numerous failures, and testing various training techniques We were able to develop efficient and effective training strategies to master Calisthenics step by step. After having mastered various skills, like the muscle-up, the handstand along the Human Flag, we made the decision to coach and assist the most people we can (our primary focus is on the younger generation) in reaching their goals. We continue to do this every day with joy and passion!

What we do

We have a specialization in the programming of exercises and coaching young people and sharing valuable information via Instagram and Facebook We provide routines and encourage our viewers to become better versions of themselves. we train members of our Phenics Gym and organize competitions. We have assisted many in achieving their goals. We are happy about this.